Manhattan’s therapist for millennials, couples, parents, families and professionals. Reina’s practice is holistic focusing on helping individuals create a foundation that will enable them to experience healthy relationships, internal peace and personal achievement. Reina has extensive experience helping parents, millennials and families work through emotional pain in order to break negative cycles of interaction and promote change. Her work is strength-based, focused on ending destructive behaviors in order to develop a grounded and more positive sense of self.

In New York, where there is a pervasive pressure to succeed, it is easy to become entrenched in self-doubt and toxic behaviors. With an existential and humanistic perspective, Reina guides individuals to obtain a sense of empowerment, personal purpose, and a greater connection with others. Reina utilizes relational and behaviorally-based modalities in order to provide clarity around unidentified needs along with the confidence and skills to express them.


  • SUBSTANCE USE; CASAC certified Reina helps patients in all stages to develop an awareness and an understanding of the role that substances play in their life. She assists patients break old patterns of behavior and cultivating inner peace, works with patients who are ambivalent about treatment, energizes patients in early recovery to feel worthy and competent, provides family therapy, assists family members in identifying early signs of use in their loved one and works with family members to educate, support and connect to resources.

  • HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS AND DATING: Trained in Emotion Focused therapy through the Ackerman Institute, Reina focuses on strengthening relationships and marriages by assisting partners to feel safe and more in tune with one another. Reina supports patients in relationship transitions and traumas to facilitate healing and provide a healthy framework around intimacy.

  • MOOD DISORDERS : Reina works with patients struggling with depression, anxiety and bi-polar disorders. She develops individualized treatment plans in conjunction with a strong team of psychiatrists, nutritionists and other family therapists in order to provide maximum support with the goal of achieving balance and stability


    • CAREER SUPPORT: Assists patients in all stages of career development (post college, mid life, late life) to feel worthy and motivated to seek professions that target internal strengths and fulfillment.

    • LIFE SKILLS: Supports patients in building a dynamic life through developing daily and weekly structure, self care, healthy relationships, nutrition, organization and self competence.

    • ACADEMIC DIFFICULTY/ADHD :  With experience administering and scoring IQ tests in a neuroscience lab focused on ADHD at the NYU Child Study Center she is knowledgeable about developmental and ADHD related struggles and succeeds in helping young adults access their internal motivation to achieve academic achievement